Thursday March 26


The blue sky is trying to peak through the clouds and that makes me happy. I’m a sunshine girl for sure. They are building a house across the street and it is interesting to see all the steps and skills necessary to create a house. The process is slow but in the end it will be a be a house and then a home for someone. Our neighbors are so wonderful and constantly offering help on shopping during this virus crises. I must admit the confinement is exhausting, who would have ever thought doing nothing could do that. This isolation is an aloneness that is forced upon you and solitude is an aloneness that we choose and embrace. I think solitude can be a wonderful place to energizer yourself but at some point you need to rejoin the world. Hope that happens in April. So for now I am going to take my long morning walk which just means from the family room to the bathroom. You MSers get that.

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