Traveling with MS can be so daunting. In the old days you didn’t have to worry about how many suitcases you wanted to bring but now have to pay for. It’s like going to a restaurant and having to pay extra for the silverware. So now if I have to travel by air, I find my anxiety heightens. One bag for clothes and one bag for all my medical needs which may or may not include wine, and heaven forbid it exceed 60 pounds, thats more $$. And what’s with that odd term ‘Pre-board’ does that mean you get on before you get on? It’s all so confusing. So now we are at $60. for my 2 bags and another $60. if you want them to come back home with you. Then if you want your legs to fit under the seat so they don’t go spastic that’s another $150. bucks round trip. They want you to pay $50. for a special seat selection for the seat you already paid for or risk being squashed in a middle seat between two linebackers. The cheapest thing you can get away with is the $10. bag of chips. Forget the drink, ice is extra. The whole experience is exhausting. Last time I flew I thought there was a psychopath staring at me until I realized it was just a half bald dude with his sunglasses on the back of his head. Check it out. ❤️ Ro

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