Shoes have a hard job, they carry a lot of weight in their sole. There are so many types of shoes, so many categories. When you go to a shoe store they ask “What are you looking for, a walking shoe?” Well uh, I’d like to have that option..hopefully they can be adjusted, so I can turn them up to other settings.
Shoes have a lot of different jobs. There’s the serious job shoes like ballet and tap. Then the fun job and sport shoe like golf, bowling and running. But my favorite shoe was always the beautiful sexy high heel. I remember the day I came to the realization these MS legs weren’t going to be able to walk or dance in them again so I packed them up and off they went to the thrift shop. I was surprised at how many fun memories came to mind when I was packing those shoes.
So now I wear a sensible shoe so I can keep my balance and I will just keep the memories of the dancing shoes in my heart.
PS. What is a frogs
favorite shoe?
An open toad of course.

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