My Walker

I use a walker because I have a diminished sense of balance and muscle spasticity. The worse part about having to use a walker in public is people often see your disability before they see you. I often wondered why people stare and are so fascinated by a walker and a persons struggling gait. Years ago It bothered me but I finally figured out people stare because it’s just something different or out of the ordinary for ‘that moment’. So if it happens to you, try to meet their eyes and smile and say “This is what MS does to you”.  It can open a conversation about MS which can help to educate people on the disease. Remember, no matter how slow your gait is, one step at a time is still walking. ❤️Ro

One thought on “My Walker

  1. This has been so true for me as well. Of course, I am used to people staring because of my beauty, but now it’s the walkers. I recently went from the bright red “Nitro” which people thought at first glance was one of the bikes you can rent in town, to an up-walker. Which, I do love because it forces me to stand taller, the most common question now is “do you like this better? Followed by my mother, grandmother or any older relative or friend really needs something like that. More of life’s changes not thought of before.


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