I wasn’t born with two left feet, I acquired them with MS. It’s such an awkward feeling when you go to take a step forward and it suddenly feels like someone has velcroed your right foot to the floor. I have several pairs of shoes with the toe of one shoe partially worn down to a nub. When I was a kid, I remember adults calling it ‘Lazy Foot’ when someone walked like that. I prefer the term ‘Selective Participation Foot’ because every hundredth time or so my right foot and my brain have a mutual agreement to work together in unison. Oh my 😱. I once considered installing a tiny luggage wheel on my shoe toe. I have seen kids scooting around on their heels with their Heely Wheelie shoes so why not. I’ve tried the AFO drop foot braces but they didn’t work for me. So I guess the only thing to do is suck it up and move forward one foot at a time….slowly of course. ❤️Ro. The perfect pet for me:

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