How did we live without emojis? Oh that’s right, we just used words. I think the most over used emoji is the ♥️ .
Some people are hesitant to just write the word love, let alone say it. Do multiple hearts indicate true serious love and a single heart is more like a friendly kind of pal love? We use to sign off with ‘take care’ but now the heart emoji seems almost mandatory. I think MS’ers should have their own emojis like

I have no idea what I’m talking about.

Back off I’m having a bad day!

Yesterday was a bitch but I’m doing better today.

Will you please shut up and and listen to me!

I need it!
Meet me at the therapy bar

No need to reply, I’m going back to bed.

I’m sure there are many more we could think of but for now my brain is toast. Take care ❤️Ro

4 thoughts on “EMOJIS

  1. How about something you could hang on the bedroom door in someway so that you could warn people and then they can choose whether or not to enter. It’s only fair.


  2. You are amazing. I don’t use emoji’s because I don’t understand many of them can tell what smile is any different from the other. Thanks again for a pleasant thought on dealing in this new world.

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