I’m struggling a bit today. Cabin fever has set in but I know no matter how intense it is, no storm lasts forever. Even so, the light in the tunnel still seems dim. So many courageous people putting themselves in jeopardy to help others. Everything seems so out of order, I feel like I’m walking in a circle. Mental pain is less dramatic than MS physical pain but may be more common and sometimes harder to bear. At stressful demanding times like this pandemic, MS symptoms can turn in to overwhelming fatigue. I have to keep an eye on my mental status and rely on the belief we will get to the brighter light at the end of the tunnel. My Faith, Family and Friends carry me through the day and I have to believe tomorrow will be kinder. ❤️Ro



2 thoughts on “HOPE FOR TOMORROW

  1. I also have rough days and it always seems to happen out of the blue and I usually end up in tears. I’m blessed to have families around me that are always willing to help hold me together. It also really helps to have a friend like you with your wonderful sense of humor. It especially helps when I’m having a rough day.

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