I had my MS label long before I really understood the difference between fatigue and draggin’ butt tired. For some reason most doctors don’t take the time to explain to MS patients these are two different things. Trying to help loved ones, friends and caregivers grasp the difference can be a continuing challenge. Medically speaking, tiredness happens to everyone — it’s an expected feeling after certain activities or at the end of the day. Usually, you know why you’re tired, and a good night’s sleep solves the problem. Fatigue is a daily lack of energy; unusual or excessive whole-body tiredness not relieved by sleep or naps. For me there doesn’t seem to be any rhyme or reason when that body slam fatigue hits but I learned a long time ago I need to respect it and not push myself to keep going. I have paid the price in the past by taking a fall by not paying attention to my body when it screams🖐 ‘STOP in the name of love, think it ooover!’ and so now I do. So next time your energy starts to drain and you think you may like to go mountain climbing think twice and just be thankful you can get your leg through your underwear without loosing your balance. ❤️Ro

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