IN and OUT

I really think getting in and out of a car with MS should be an official Special Olympics category. Tonight we decided to break the monotony by going to In and Out Burger. It was my first outing since early March. I felt like I was out on parole for good behavior. We expected a long line for the drive through but we were pleasantly surprised at the system they created. A double line of cars merging down to one line after they took your order. Their cone system kept everyone in the correct order. Then they gave you the total amt. $ before you got to that window in hopes you will have the correct change. Very efficient system and everything tasted so good. Now, back to the getting in and out of the car….people with MS don’t fold or unfold well. It’s like trying to do origami with plywood. Sometimes my spastic legs and arthritic knees will allow me to get into the car with one try but more often my dear husband will have to try and fold me in. This also applies to getting up out of a chair. My legs are often starched and my knees are screaming. I can remember at one time I could get up without making noise. Now it sounds like my knees are popping corn. Nothing is simple but it was worth it today for that burger, fries and shake. ❤️Ro

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