My husband was a Boy Scout and a scout leader and our son is an Eagle Scout. They would go on Scouting 50 Miler Hikes with the troop and not get lost. They both have excellent sense of direction. Me, I’m like a broken bird. I would fly North in the winter. Yes, I understand the sun sets in the west but what if it’s cloudy and storming and there is no sun-shining. I’m good at other things like setting the clock on the DVD player but when it comes to direction, I’m lost. I have found I can’t really trust the car GPS guidance either. I learned that lesson early when there were two streets with the same name on two different sides of the City. Needless to say I was late for that appointment. So if you are giving me directions please don’t confuse me by using words like North, South, East or West, I need more specific directions like turn right at the Sweetie Donut Shop and then drive about a mile past the Mall then take your first left at the Arco Station. OK, got it. I know people with MS have cognitive issues but I think this direction thing is something you’re born with or without. I feel sorry for people who ask me for directions too. I can see their wrinkled brow trying to follow my instructions. Sometimes I wonder what happened to those people. ❤️Ro

The look my husband gives me when I say take this exit and he’s in the left lane.


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