There’s a fine line between being cooped up for 24/7 and insanity. Keeping a mental balance is like a real job without the paycheck. Things that didn’t bother me before February are getting on my last nerve. If I hear another TV ad that says “We’re all in this together” I’m gona go off the deep end. Do they really think hearing that helps? Nay Nay. Between that and that flippen’ TV ad ‘Liberty🗽, Liberty🗽, Liberty🗽🎼’ I may need to up my meds. Honestly, if I could get my foot up high enough, I would kick the TV screen. OK, pity party over, move along folks, nothing to see here….Said the Psych Ward nurse…..


PS If you are with me on this blog journey, would you kindly leave me a comment by clicking on comments below. I’m just curious who if any are with me. Thanks, Rosemary

5 thoughts on “THE FINE LINE

  1. In my neighborhood, not only do we have those great commercials to contend with, but they decided to howl…every night…at 8 o’clock….EVERY NIGHT… for solidarity. But most people got bored and stopped doing it…except one guy…he keeps howling… but I’m so glad I found you. Thank you for being there.

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    1. Normal people are doing un-normal things from being cooped up for too long. Hang in there it too shall end. If I had a nut job howling I’m afraid what I would do buy I’m pretty sure it would result in a trial. Ro


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