One advancement in technology that I really look forward to is self driving cars. For people with MS this can be a new form of freedom and should be available very soon. I’m wondering how the car will know how to park in the disabled parking area or does it just drop you off at the front of the building? Then what? Seems like there are some issues that need to be worked out. Will these cars require a human to be in the car or can you put your dogs in there and just let them drive around for awhile for a change of scenery? That could cause an interesting situation not to mention how weird it would be if you pulled up at a stop sign next to them, and what if the dog car hit your car, how do you exchange insurance info, do you just say “Lassie, go home, get your info Boy” and then what if it goes to trial? No jury will ever convict Lassie. They may need to work out a few kinks before I order one of these cars. ❤️Ro

Let’s go to In and Out, she keeps cash in the console. Shakes all around?

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