OK, I held my breath and did it! It took a couple of minutes to get both feet on the scale at the same time, but I did it. Ouch, Then I did it a second time just to make sure there wasn’t an error or the battery needed changing but instead of showing the same number, I got a digital message: ‘Get your fat ass off me!’ That was a wake up call. I have been cruising the kitchen a little too much these last seven weeks of confinement. Now I need to get back in gear and take control of the grazing….muffins and cakes and pies, oh my. Fat doesn’t belong on your body but it says something about you like, I would rather have a slice of banana cream pie than a rice cake. Personally, I have never understood rice cakes, it’s like trying to eat a styrofoam cup and just about as tasty but I do have them on hand. I’m the girl that looks at the salad in front of her and wishes it was a cream filled donut, you know that struggle we go through, choosing right from wrong. I have friends who take and post photos of every entree they eat. That would make an interesting photo album if I did that. I could publish it and title it ‘The Worlds Easiest Diet Ever’. It would only have one written page along with all my food photos and it would say…..If you want to loose weight, look at these photos and eat the OPPOSITE. So now I need to follow my own advise and who knows, with the latest news today of the possible meat shortage maybe we will all become vegetarians….bye, bye, In and Out. However, I don’t think I’ll throw out those rice cakes just yet, I’m thinking they could be a healthy snack if I made them into ice cream sandwiches.

May be constipation?

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