Why do we have so much Stuff? Some people have so much stuff they have to rent a storage unit to keep it in. Stuff usually equates to Clutter and clutter can give you a feeling of being emotionally unsettled. I admit I’m very good at procrastinating about decluttering my ‘stuff’. Sometimes it’s just easier to close the drawer or cupboard but it’s always there the next time you open it. Americans must be at the top of the list for the most stashed away ‘stuff’. Webster calls Clutter a disordered heap or mass of objects. Yep, sounds like my office. People with MS take much longer at any chore, in fact they say it takes about 5 times longer. For me, it’s mostly because I’m using one hand to hang on to my walker. One handed decluttering is quite a challenge if you take in to account how many times you drop your ‘stuff’ in the process. It’s amazing the things you find when you start to dig through those drawers, closets and stashed boxes. I think I found a box of crayons from elementary school and a couple of petrified erasers. Thankfully, I have enough empty boxes from Amazon to start the sorting. In the process of decluttering, you may find yourself peeling off the layers of the past that no longer matter to your present life and you can find a lighter sense of well being in a world that seems stressful and chaotic. My goal is to find at least 3 things everyday to put in one of my designated ‘to go’ boxes and strive for that sense of lighter wellbeing. Now go forth and sort your ‘stuff’. ❤️Ro

I hereby solemnly swear to never save another package of soy sauce, ketchup or fortune cookies.

This is me decluttering my emails and ignoring my ‘stuff’.

4 thoughts on “STUFF and CLUTTER

  1. Oh Em Gee. You got me again. For me, the worst part is that I actually have to have help from Donald or my caregiver to reach things or lift things. Within seconds they become judgemental: “What is this for?“ ”Do you really need this?“ “Why don’t you just get rid of everything?“ At that point I send them out of the room and follow shortly thereafter, because there’s little I can do without their physical help. Physical that is, not verbal!


    1. Oh my sweet friend, I can totally relate and understand the inner frustration. I’m so thankful for drawers and doors to close. Life is sort of like a half bulimic affair, we binge but we don’t purge. 🙀 Ro


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