The human race is out of sync with normalcy. Nothing that we knew as normal a few months ago still fits that old saying ‘oh, that’s normal’. Today I needed to reschedule a doctors appointment that was cancelled for April due to the C-lockdown. I use to be able to do that quite easily on line in 5 minutes. Now it’s different. First you send a message to your Doctor, then you wait for them to send you a message back saying call this phone number to schedule a video screening with your doctor, then when you do that, they arrange the video screening date and time and send you instructions on which app you need to download, then you wait for the video screening date and time with your doctor, then if you pass the virus question and answer quiz and you don’t look like you just finished off a bottle of Jack Daniels, your doctor will set an appointment to come in to see her/him. You need to come to the appointment time early because there will be another screening system at the door of the medical building with a guard there just in case you think you might slip by them (by the way, they don’t care how badly you need to pee, just get in line)

Then, if you need a prescription, you get back in your car and wait for a text from the pharmacy saying it’s ready. Then you get your car in line for the new drive up prescription system. By now I’m trying to remember why I was going to see the doctor in the first place. I prefer the old days of normal life and simple things we did each day. Here is my idea of a normal day back in the ‘good old days:
A normal day was getting dressed in normal clothes that you buy for work and you drive through traffic in a car that you are still paying for-in order to get to the job you need, to pay for the clothes and the car, and the house you leave vacant all day so you can afford to live in it.

Now that’s ‘normal’
Oh how I miss it. Will we ever see normal again?

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