Americans consume 400 Million cups of coffee a day. My husband may be the reason for that number. The man loves his morning java. I’m not sure if I’m a real fan of coffee because I doctor it up with cream and sweetener until it doesn’t taste like coffee. My husband only puts coffee in his coffee. I grew up in a tea and beer drinking house so I prefer tea. I think most people use coffee as a legal upper because they can count the number of hours they slept that night on one hand. They really only need one cup but they have four just to be safe and to remember how to put on their pants. I think Starbucks should have a slogan on their cup that says ‘Your good mood today is sponsored by Starbucks Coffee’. Starbucks good mood comes from making $4.50 profit on your $4.75 White Chocolate Mocha Venti designer coffee you just ordered. I must admit I think the smell of fresh coffee is one part about coffee I love. If they would make a perfume out of that it would put those web dating sites out of business. So in conclusion I encourage you to continue the American way and Espresso yourself but stay Grounded and take life one Cup at a time, better Latte then never and take time to smell the Coffee. Bottoms up! ❤️Ro
*Note: no part of this post was caffeine induced and no beans were harmed.

3 thoughts on “COFFEE

  1. That’s my husband’s drink – Venti iced white chocolate mocha. I’m with you, though. I put so much stuff in my coffee I should just skip the coffee and drink the creamer. 🙂


  2. One of my favorite times is the smell of coffee while we’re camping – it’s right up there with the smell of bacon cooking. Have I told you lately how much a enjoy your sense of humor. I find it very healing.


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