I think every person in America over the age of 6 has seen ‘The Wizard of Oz’. It’s a strange magical and sometimes scary movie about being lost, meeting new friends, helping people, wickedness, being scared, determination, not believing everything you see and the value of a loving home. Kind of like MS huh? I wonder which character I would relate to, but I will refrain from asking my husband who he thinks I would be. That answer would differ day to day and Peace here in lockdown cell block 9 is important now. Some days I feel like the Tin man with my stiff knees and broken heart and some days I feel like the scarecrow without a fully functional brain or the cowardly lion who lacks bravery. By the way, It upset me in the movie when he cried. Tom Hanks would have said “Are you crying, are you crying? There’s no crying in OZ land.” Of course there are many other interesting characters to choose from. Hmm. Which one would you be or would you just be too busy trying on those hot ruby heels to even care?

One thought on “WHO WOULD YOU BE?

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