I’ve lived in California long enough to recognize that day when the nice gentle days of spring turns the corner and says get ready…HOT is on the way. We turned off the gas fireplace pilot light and got the fans out of the attic in preparation for the upcoming triple digit temps and ugly utility bills. By mid July even shadows need shadows to cool off and it’s been said birds need potholders to pick up a worm. Heat and MS do not go well together. Besides the listless feeling of just wanting to sip an ice cold drink through a straw all day, we have to take care to not let our bodies over heat to the point of irreversible nerve damage and that can be tricky unless you resolve to stay inside most of the time. Being at the beach or by a pool during the hot summer was a solution in years past, now I’m more interested in having a relationship with the air conditioner. We also have to take care to dress for the body we now have, not the body we want. You get what I mean. So summer will be here in full force soon and I’m getting mentally ready for it and just like all the past years of California summer heat, we will get through it….again ❤️Ro


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