I gave in and admitted I needed a new chopping knife. The one I had wouldn’t hold a sharp edge anymore, kind of like me I guess. Oh I use to be sharp but MS has a way of changing that. I get along ok but my memory isn’t up to par anymore. Mostly I rely on sticky notes to jog the brain fog. I found the notes need to be dated or I may not remember if I wrote it that day or months ago. I suppose some of it is just aging and I need to keep reminding myself I can’t blame everything on MS. So anyway, the new knife arrived and the shining blade looks intimidating. People with MS have to be extra careful with sharp objects for their own protection. I never run with scissors either, well actually I never run at all, ever. I will try this new knife soon but only when my hands are steady which is pretty much from 10am to 11am. After that I need adult supervision. The knife came in a pretty box with instructions for care and warranty. I never knew knives needed instructions, people yes. I reviewed the care and warranty info and gasped at the second to last item. Made me wonder what the heck is going on over in Germany where this knife was made. If I didn’t obey that warning could it be brought in to evidence in a court of law? Oh my, that would make my defense difficult because I had been officially warned in writing. I’m going to be very careful with this knife. ❤️Ro

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