Escalators remind me a lot of an MS diagnosis. What? Why? Because an escalator can never be broken, it just becomes something else…stairs. They should never put a sign on an escalator that says ‘Temporarily out of order, sorry for the inconvenience ‘. The sign should say ‘Temporarily Stairs’ because it still has a purpose, it still can do the job, just in a different format. When we first get that MS label diagnosis, crazy things start to crowd our brains with fear of the future and we are ready to hang that ‘Out of Order, sorry for the inconvenience’ sign around our neck. Nay, nay, we are still in working order, we just have to learn how to be stairs and stairs are important. So get your frame of mind in the ‘stair’ mode and keep movin’ forward one step at a time. You’ll still get where you’re going, just a little slower. ❤️Ro

Hello 911, I’m stuck on a broken escalator”

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