I think I have too much time on my hands these days just thinking. Overthinking can cause anxiety. During this pandemic I find there are good days, bad days, overwhelming days, and often too tired days. I know we’ll all be glad when we get to the it’s over days. This covid19 doesn’t seem like a mountain we’re trying to climb but more like a mountain we’re carrying around. I guess it’s a feeling of the entire world being out of order that’s so difficult to grasp. I know we will eventually have that normalcy back but it’s hard to keep waiting for it. I hope tomorrow will be kinder for all of us. ❤️Ro

Knock it off Ro

2 thoughts on “ANXIETY

  1. I can so easily be right there with you jumping to conclusions. I want so bad to stay positive and then all of a sudden the anxiety hits …very frustrating indeed.


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