Have we officially become a nation of Pajama people? This at home stay has changed us in so many ways. Pajamas give you a different attitude. It’s hard to get mad (well not for long) when you have on PJs and slippers. I think it’s a good thing. I have 3 pairs of Pajamas and I love them. My favorite pair have pockets which is great just in case you need to hold stuff when you sleep, it’s like, where’s my day planner, oh yes, here it is, go back to sleep. I like the cute look of Onsie PJs but people with MS would find that design way too difficult to deal with when you’re in a hurry to get to the bathroom. I feel like I’ve joined that exclusive club, ‘Club Bed’ featuring ‘DJ Pillow and McBlanky’. The great part about all day PJs is you never have to get ready for bed. When people call me and ask me what am I doing today and I say nothing, they often offer me their idea of things I could be doing. I have to stop them and tell them they don’t understand, I’ve specifically put time aside to do nothing. I have my PJs on, why don’t they get it? I feel sorry for the people who will have to put on real clothes to go back to work or will pajama nation change the dress code forever? We’ll see. OK, time for lunch and my afternoon movie…’The 1957 Pajama Game’ of course. ❤️Ro

I’m surprised this bottomless pants picture got by the censors in 1957.

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