Did you know our handwriting can tell a lot about us. Cursive handwriting can reveal your personality, state of mind, hand-eye coordination and even bone structure by the way you hold the pen, or at least that’s what they said at the ransom note trial. I use to have nice handwriting until MS took over. Most days it’s still fairly good and some days I can’t read my own chicken scratch. I love beautiful cursive writing and I love a rare handwritten letter. There’s something wonderful about opening a letter from someone dear to your heart. You can see them on the page in their familiar handwriting. Knowing their hand moved across that page can make it a treasure to keep. There use to be a time when there were two choices of communication, handwritten letters or typed letters. Now the choices seem endless. I envy those people who have treasured written letters from parents and dear ones from long ago. Reading them now must stir such memories and emotions. A beautiful cursive written letter can be a work of art and I fear they have been replaced by the social media of today. What a pity, truly a pity. ❤️Ro

2 thoughts on “HANDWRITING

  1. A positive thing that the AC being closed to us, physically, is that I am so happy to have found you. You make me laugh and remind me I am not alone in so many things. Thanks for being so generous.


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