“Put your shoes on Ruby, we’re goin’ to town”. I remember people would say that when I lived in Georgia years ago. Maybe it was a take off on the song, ‘Ruby don’t take your love to town’? It just meant, hurry up we’re leaving. When it comes to MS and getting your shoes on, there is no hurry up. It’s a full work out for me. My sensible shoes either have zippers or shoestrings. I hated the effort and struggle it took to get my shoes on with my spastic stiff legs. Then I found a gadget called ‘The Shoe Funnel’, an ingenious design that forever took the frustration out of putting on my shoes by myself. You just slip this gadget in to the heel area of the shoe and your foot slips right in. A tug on the attached string and the shoe funnel pops right out. They even made sure left handed people can switch the string to the opposite side hole so the funnel can easily be removed by lefties. I admit I still often need help with the shoe zipping but that’s the easy part. If getting your shoes on is a hassle, try this device available on Amazon. Fortunately, Prince Charming’s Soldiers didn’t have this gadget or Cinderella would still be sweeping floors. ❤️Ro

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