Remember the old days when you were thirsty and you filled a glass from the kitchen tap or if you were outside, you took a drink from a garden hose? How primitive we were. I can’t remember the exact year bottled water became a phenomena in the USA but once it did there was no turning back. I sort of remember when it was once fashionable to order a bottle of ‘Perrier’ French spa water in the green bottle, ooh la la, when dining out. Then some marketing genius started the National mentality we all needed a choice of what they then called ‘Mineral Water’…good for health benefits. I remember laughing at the thought of paying for water in a clear plastic bottle but of course I had to try it. “Ah, this is good, it’s more watery than plain water. Yes, this water has a kick to it”. I kind of expected to turn the bottle and see a recipe “So that’s how you make ice cubes, you just freeze this stuff”. Oh, but you need a tray, that’s how they trick you in to it. Now it’s just the American way. What most people don’t realize according to the Beverage Association of America is 50% of all bottled water sold is just purified tap water. I guess we’ve come full circle. Doesn’t really matter….gotta keep buying and drinking it….It would be unAmerican not to. ❤️Ro

PS. Happy Memorial Day Weekend. Please fly your Flag proudly for those who served and died for our Freedom, God bless America! The greatest country in the world!

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