I wonder how many people who have been staying home for going on 4 months when June arrives, have done a DIY haircut. There are probably enough OMG haircut disaster photos that you could publish a ‘2020 Pandemic DIY Hair Photos’ coffee table book. It could end up on Antiques Roadshow in the year 2080 when your grandkids or great grandkids discover it in an attic box. Value? At least worth a good laugh for sure. This morning my mirror convinced me it was time to take things in to my own hands. Why? I looked like I should be standing on an exit median with a sign that says ‘Help I need $$ for a REAL haircut.’
So I took the hair trimmer and the scissors and started to buzz and snip. I actually think I did a good job on the sides and the top was well… OK. The back now looks like it was cut with a weed wacker with a few bare spots. First rule I ignored was, people with unsteady MS hands should not be using scissors or electric trimmers, ever! Too late for that common sense rule Lady. Now I am thankful for the six foot separation rule and if I should have to go out, the face mask and sun glasses should allow me to go incognito until this mess grows out. Just another day in paradise. ❤️Ro

This guy is a contender for the hair book. Someone needs to let him out of the house!

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