Have you ever noticed when you’re driving that every person on the road is an idiot except you.
The one thing that unites all human beings regardless of age, race, religion or gender is that deep down inside we all believe we are above average drivers.
What happens to people when they get behind that wheel? They morph into King of the Road no matter how mild mannered they are at home or the office the Road suddenly becomes theirs. And they talk to and about the other drivers even though they know no one can hear them. “Come on Gramps, floor it” or “That jerk is right on my bumper” or “Come on you idiot, turn “
or “What’s this jerkoff doing , look at that, he came right over, no signal, guess he owns the road”or “Look at that maniac he must be going 80 cause I’m at 72 right now, I hope he gets caught”
and of course there has to be a few F-bombs because there’s something about the feeling of safety with the glass window there to protect you. If you were in an elevator, shoulder to shoulder, and someone brushed against you invading your ‘space’
would you turn towards him and give him an f-bomb you idiot…..no never. So why do we do it in a car? We’ve all done it. But when we arrive at our destination and put that car in park, we become lovely, kind considerate people again.
You know you’re an angry driver when Siri says, “Stop in 400 feet
and let me out. “ I suppose it’s all just human nature but I have a doctors appointment this Friday so I’d appreciate if you would stay off the road between 9 and 10am. They will be checking my blood pressure and I want to stay calm on the drive over, thanks ❤️Ro

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