I am on mental overload today and that doesn’t help people with MS. These last few months have been hard on so many levels with this Covid19 taking innocent lives, wrecking families in many ways. It’s hard to come to terms with it. And now the devastation being caused in the streets by protesters from the senseless death of a man. I understand their anger but not the looting and bringing hardships on innocent people like the man who ran his family deli for 29 years here and was ready to reopen it after weeks of having to be closed due to the virus. The violent destruction of his business which was not only torn apart but also filled with water has nothing to do with protesting a wrong. It is a wrong. It gives me grief to see what is happening. I have to keep telling myself this all will eventually end and some kind of normal life will return. Keeping my focus on Hope and knowing there is more good than bad in this world. I’m going to Hope the vaccine for the virus will be coming soon and be thankful for the good people who so selfishly keep working to help us through this pandemic. And Hope that the current situation of police brutality will bring change for the better throughout the United States. I feel like Hope is all we have right now and so that is my focus. May Peace be with you and with our Nation. ❤️Ro

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