Still being stuck at home in June without baseball is getting on my last few nerves. I feel like I’m in the middle of some freaky Stephen King novel. Last night we had the National Guard protecting our little quiet community from the threat of protester looting. Really. What is going on. The world is out of order. Staying home wouldn’t be so bad if we still had our baseball games. I’ve been watching rerun games from 2012 and 2014, I want 2020! I heard the teams will start playing in July but all the National League will be in Arizona playing with no fans in the stands. Is that baseball? Can’t imagine a home run without the roar of the fans. Maybe they will pipe in prerecorded canned sound like they use to have on some of those old sitcoms years ago. And how about the 7th inning stretch, who’s going to sing ‘Take me out to the Ball Game’ which I always thought was a strange song to sing at the ballpark anyway because we’re already there. The dugout will be creating the only sounds for the game and by the way, speaking of the dugout, I’ve always wondered why baseball is the only sport where the Manager wears the same uniform as the players…why? He’s not playing in the game. I also heard, because of the virus, they have banned the players from spitting. I’m not sure that’s even possible and how are they fined? Is it one large fine that covers the entire game, a sort of spit all you want or are they fined per each Individual spit? Is there a special Spit Umpire for everyone or per team? They have been talking for the last few years about ways to speed up the game. The solution to that is simple, everybody at the plate gets one swing, that’s it, if you miss it, f-u you’re out, sit down. Problem solved. It’s now a 2 hour game and that includes the 50 TV commercials because those commercials are the only way they are making any money. And will they still have the occasional field streaker? Oh that reminds me of a Yogi Berra quote when a reporter asked him if that streaker was a man or a woman and Yogi said “I don’t know, they had a bag over their head.” So all in all I guess I would rather have empty stadium baseball than no baseball. I just really miss it! Batter Up! ❤️Ro

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