I’ve been thinking about what to invest in that could help my dwindling savings account and I think I have a great idea. If the covid19 virus still doesn’t have a vaccine available by fall, there will be millions of people sick and tired of living in pajamas. Solution…The New Snuggie. Yes we can take the next step to daytime laziness and bring back the the New Snuggie. This one will have a built in cell phone charger and an insulated kangaroo pocket for easy transport of refrigerator items. It could even be made in the ever popular camouflage print with hoodie so your kids can’t find you. Maybe the deluxe model will even be reversible for more of an evening wear look. The TV ad will need to be anti real blanket mode. Maybe it could be a woman on the sofa covered with a real blanket and the phone rings. It could show her desperately trying to untangle herself from the grips of the blanket with a confused look on her face. Next scene she has on her New Camo-Hoodie Snuggie. Phone rings, she slips the chip bag and snickers bar safely into the kangaroo pouch and easily gets the phone from her designated phone charging pocket as her kid walks into the room and says “Mom?” and walks out. No frustration and everyone is relaxed and happy. Oh yes, I’m definitely buying the New Snuggie Stock. ❤️Ro

But wait there’s more…order the matching camo socks for just $14.99 + SH

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