TIP of the DAY

Remember when we were kids and would beg our parent to go shopping with them. The first thing they said to us before we entered the store was “Now DON’T touch anything”. Now it’s 65 years later for me and it’s my husband saying that. Humans are social creatures, we shake hands, kiss, hug and give pats on the back or butt if you’re playing baseball. Being told to not touch anything, including our own face, sends the brain into an emotional state of confusion. Touch is important, it’s fundamental to human communication, bonding and health. As we head in to the fourth month of isolation and social no touch distancing, if you feel you are having serious contact withdrawal, try this mental psych trick. Cut a piece of bread in to the shape of a hand and put it in the toaster. When it pops up…give it a high five. Then make yourself a martini and you will be amazed how much your anxiety has dissipated. ❤️Ro

Give someone you love a back or foot rub today.

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