The only thing faster than the speed of thought is the speed of forgetfulness. I’m pretty sure about 1/3rd of my life has been standing in the middle of a room trying to figure out what I came in there for. Forgetfulness can sometimes be a form of freedom if you can forget your troubles. I no longer tell myself I don’t need to write things down, I won’t forget it. Ha. My brain can sometimes be like the Bermuda Triangle, stuff goes in, never to be found again. It’s good we have people to support us and help us remember things. I just bought some new shoes with memory foam in them and I’m going to be trying them tomorrow, if they don’t work, I guess I’ll just have to embrace the wonderful mess I am and be happy. ❤️ Ro

One thought on “FORGET ABOUT IT

  1. You are just amazing how you keep this going, it’s all so spot on. We were talking about you at the AC last Thursday, (Norma, Rebecca, Tiffany and I) About how terrific your blog is. Love 💕 you.


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