I have nothing in common with people who wash, dry, fold and put away their laundry all in the same day. For me, that’s a 3 day process. OK, maybe 4. Now that summer has arrived there are more clothes to wash. I’m so thankful for washers and dryers. As a kid, we had a washer with a wringer and each item had to go through the wringer after the rinse cycle. Then out to the backyard to hang and sun dry. Also had to keep an eye on the weather for rain coming. In the winter we hung things in the basement to dry. By the way there are several vintage washing machines available that range from $400. to $1,000. today. Oh I miss the smell of sun dried sheets bleached by the sun. I think most home developments now have CC&Rs to prohibit clothes lines. Rather a pity but I wouldn’t be able to maneuver clothes pins and hanging items anyway with my range of motion. I’m lucky if I can get my bathrobe on the hook on my door. It often takes more than one try. So today I will be grateful for washers and dryers and dishwashers and remote controls for fans and TVs. All things considered, I think I have it pretty good. ❤️Ro

And you thought I was kidding.

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