Is there somewhere else in the world you’d like to be for a week?

Oh my, as little as six months ago I could answer that within seconds with a list of 5. No more. I can’t even think of one place, well maybe the space station but that would be too expensive and I’m pretty sure SpaceX doesn’t take Visa. The entire world is contaminated. Never thought I would ever say that. Travel is currently pretty much obsolete for my family. I have to take my vacation vicariously through photos of a few friends who are on the road in their sanitized RV. Every July we have a wonderful family gathering (about 21) from all over the USA, in the lovely coastal town of Newport Oregon where son Adam flys in to conduct the big 4th of July Newport Symphony concert. Even though I can’t maneuver the beach there anymore with my MS, we compensate by having a room right on the beach overlooking the magnificent Pacific. I was so hoping this pandemic wouldn’t cause us to cancel this year but here we are at home with no place to go. Newport is also struggling. Their big fish processing plant on the wharf is closed after 124 workers tested positive. I guess I’ll have to rent a travel DVD from our library but I heard you even have to make a reservation for that and last I heard ‘they were all booked up’ 😂 So I will resort to the travel videos on cable. I think there may be 5 or 6 episodes out of 500 we still haven’t watched of House Hunters International. It’s a cheap vacation and if you have an Island in your kitchen and a margarita while you’re watching it, it’s better than nothing. ❤️Ro

90+ days of isolation:

I’ve lost all my vacation selfie confidence.

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