I have been craving good Mexican food for a couple of months now and I’m yearning for a trip to our favorite Mexican restaurant, Tres Hermanas, on K St downtown Sacramento. It requires a 30 mile drive from our house but it’s worth it. It’s been torture not to be able to go with this pandemic and now they say California is back on the rise again for positive cases so who knows how long it will be before we go. At this point a 60 mile round trip drive would seem like a vacation to me. I know everybody has their own favorite special Mexican dish even though it would be fair to say most dishes contain the same basic ingredients. I love tacos, tamales, tostadas, nachos, enchiladas, chips and salsa and an ice cold beer. My friend told me my Disney Princess name would be TacoBelle. Tacos are deliciously messy but there’s a solution to that…just eat the taco over a tortilla on your plate, then when things fall out, bam, you have another mini taco. I know you’re thinking ‘You’ve Guac to be kidding me’ but it works great. So for now it’s homemade tacos and I’ll just have to dream about Tres Hermanas. 🌮Ro

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