Ignorance: the lack of knowledge or information.

I think our society tends to believe much of what they read on social media. Gullibility allows people to be easily duped in to believing things they hear or want to hear. Wikipedia for instance is a ‘wiki’ which means it is a website that allows editing by anyone who uses it, even if it’s not their post. I find that amazing and even more amazing that many people who read wikipedia just assume it’s fact. I was saddened today by the journalists on the street interviewing mostly young adults out in public, why they weren’t wearing a mask. The one response that seem to have a common thread was they weren’t concerned because the seriousness of the dangers of the Covid19 virus were overly exaggerated. Where are they getting information like that and believing it? Some people in today’s world will try to pass off their opinions, which are often fabricated facts, to young open minded people. It’s good to be open minded but it’s important to know when to close it. Now with daily covid19 cases back on the rise, how do you convince these young people they are putting themselves and others, like me and you, at serious risk of becoming a fatality or is it just futile? If ignorance is bliss then there should be more happy people. 🥵Ro

JUNE 24, 2020

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