This is not like any summer I’ve ever experienced. The only reason I know it’s summer is because the air conditioner is on. No good times and tan lines at the beach. I bought a bottle of spray tan but I look like a wrinkled yam now. Oh well it will wash off and I’m not going anywhere anyway. I miss our annual July beach vacation. Girls just wanna have Sun and Seas the day. When I’m at the beach, happiness comes in waves and I can shellabrate good times. I love being by the sea with my loving husband, we mermaid for each other. I always hate when it’s time to leave and then I tell my husband NO, namast’ay at the beach ‘cause I’m happy as a clam here. But alas, sun of a beach, it’s time to go home. So please wake me when the real summer has begun. I have a feeling it’s going to be 2021. ❤️Ro

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