Are any of you getting tired of your own cooking during this involuntary isolation? I find we are having much more simple foods for dinner. A simple sandwich and a cup of soup with a banana split for dessert. No just kidding, no split, just the banana. I have removed all the bad food from the house, it was delicious. Now I hate it when I go to the kitchen and all I find are ingredients. Reading recipes now is like reading Science Fiction, when I get to the end I’m thinking ‘Well, that’s not gonna’ happen’. The best thing that happened in the kitchen last week was I got a new sink sponge. Small things like that bring a crazy kind of joy now. And I’ve also discovered the Joy of Cooking….it’s when your husband cooks. ❤️Ro

The wings are addictive.

One thought on “COOKING 2020

  1. I have cooking down to a science 🧬. I’m literally — and sometimes physically — not allowed in the kitchen. Ever. For any reason. Gilda prepares it, Donald reheats and serves. When this doesn’t work, Grubhub doth provide. Sounds good? What I wouldn’t give to get my own cup of coffee ☕️. Or fix myself a bowl of cereal with blueberries.


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