I am not a morning person. I use to be when I was a working girl. Oh how I hated that 5:30 am alarm clock. It was harsh and cruel but I got up anyway because there was a mortgage to pay. When you have MS you never know what type of a morning is in store. It could be so-so, good, great or exhausting. Sometimes when I get out of bed it’s like stepping on a land mine but I’m the land mine and after the explosion I spend the rest of the day putting the pieces back together. Fortunately that doesn’t happen often. And I still don’t know what all those dang chatty birds are so excited about at 5 am, aren’t the worms still available at 10 am? I think the best part about waking up isn’t ‘Folger’s in your cup’ it’s that you DID wake up and your loving family and friends are there to cheer you on. I feel older when I wake up but by noon I feel more like 55 and for me that’s a good and big difference. So I’ll let the birds have the early mornings and I’ll just get up when I’m ready. Nowhere to go anyway. ❤️Ro

5 thoughts on “EARLY BIRDS

  1. I have never truly been a morning person but my husband is. We have come to an agreement, he gets up early as usual and he lets me get up gradually. He understands that there is no ‘rushing’ me and to have a better day I need to slowly wake up my whole body by doing morning stretching and breathing exercises. Communication is key to understanding, it helps to be sure there is understanding and compassion.


    1. Hi, my hubby is also a morning person. If he was still in bed at 7 am I would panic and think he was either sick or dead. Interesting how often married people are usually opposite on early birds and night owls. Thanks for the comment. Ro


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