When does season Two of 2020 start, I do not like season One! The buttons and button holes on my pants are starting to social distance themselves. I know a little extra girth on the outside means less than what’s on the inside, just like the refrigerator is also a perfect example of what’s on the inside matters. What?? My mind is like a pinball machine today and I want it to stop but my husband keeps giving me quarters. He’s an enabler and I’m blaming this on him, but I love him and anyway I can use the money. He made me a great breakfast today of waffles and crisp bacon. Yum. Waffles are pretty amazing, they’re so tasty and considerate. It’s like they’re saying, ‘here, let me hold that syrup and melted butter for you in these convenient little boxes.’ Pancakes make no effort at all, they’re lazy and disappointing. I vote for waffles! ❤️Ro

My MRI brain before MS

My MRI Pinball brain today

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