Don’t you wish you could just fast forward to next February so we could see how this whole 2020 mess has turned out. I’m keeping my Faith strong that we will still be here to tell future generations the unbelievable story of how the world came to a stop. It still seems like a bad dream sometimes. The trouble with ‘Real’’ life is there’s no Danger Music playing to warn you. Like if you leave your house without a mask you should hear the theme song from Jaws, warning you there’s a blood thirsty Covid killer on the loose. To those of us who wear a mask to protect ourselves and our loved ones, the person not wearing a mask becomes the danger. What has happened to common sense? I know I shouldn’t get worked up over things I have no control over, or people I don’t understand, but honestly, I would love to break them in two, like a cheap glow stick, and shake them until the light comes on in their little pea brains. Of course I could never do that with my MS balance issues, I would just fall over. But it might be worth it. ❤️Ro

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