I lost my zest today. What is zest anyway? It use to be a soap but obviously it didn’t work. I woke up in a Super lazy mode. It’s like a Regular lazy mode but I’m wearing a cape, or is that my summer robe? Oh OK, I’ll still do my exercises but they will be more like Diddly Squats and a few Fork Lifts because I struggle with exercises like the simple sit up. I lay flat, put my hands behind my head and BAM, I’m taking a nap. However, in all fairness, I am wearing my jogging pants today, can I at least get credit for that? These stay at home days bring me back to my youthful school days and my favorite classes, lunch and recess. I told my husband I’m in power saving mode today, he understands that means ‘take out’ for dinner, no problem. Did you know there is actually a National Lazy Day, it’s August 10th this year. I’ll just wait right here, it’s not that far off. Can we start the weekend again, I wasn’t ready…oh wait I missed it, it’s Monday.❤️Ro

Sing it Patsy

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