Doing laundry is not my favorite chore. I think I’m always at least a week behind and that laundry hamper is never empty. Laundry day is probably the only exciting day in the life of clothes. The washing machine is kind of like a secret night club for them. It’s dark in there, there’s bubbles and they’re all kind of dancing around together in there. But if you open the lid they immediately stop. You know they’re in there partying but you’ll never catch them at it. Socks are the most amazing clothing item. They hate their job, holding stinky feet being stepped on all day. The dryer is their only hope for escape. I think they plan it the night before in the hamper. I can just hear them planning, “I can’t take it anymore Crew, tomorrow it’s the dryer, I’m out of here. You stay here” and low and behold that one is never to be seen again. They’re like little mini Houdini’s. The trouble is, once the word gets out, the others want to try it and the chance of catching them is almost zero. The really sad part is the one left behind becomes a derelict cleaning rag, which is just as bad as holding a stinky foot. Sure glad I’m not a sock. ❤️Ro

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