I love the Spaniards, they know how to enjoy life. At 2 pm they close their business and head home for a ‘siesta’ which is Spanish for nap. They have their main meal, maybe a little wine and a nice nap until about 4pm. Doesn’t that just sound delightful? Americans could use more siestas. Maybe they wouldn’t be so darn uptight if they did. Imagine how improved our tight ass politicians would be with a daily siesta. They may even start working together and get things done. Wow, what a concept. I have come to love naps during this home isolation. I pretend I’m meditating because people think you’re cool and hip if you meditate but lazy if you nap. NASA did a nap study with pilots and found a 40 minute nap increased their cognitive function, lowered their blood pressure, improved muscle reaction time and their mood. I could benefit from all of that with my MS, but do I need to learn how to fly a plane first? Naps have become my stay at home Happy Hour. They’re a little risky now, I never know if I’m going to wake up in 30 min, 3 hours or 2022. Yes I’m retired but love a good party and by party I mean siesta. I wake up every morning and plan to be productive and a little voice in my head says in Spanish ‘hahaha, good one!.’ and we both laugh and laugh and then we take a siesta. Hey, I didn’t even know I could speak Spanish. ❤️Ro

buenas tardes. 💤🕰

2 thoughts on “SIESTA

  1. Louie calls them power naps. He takes several a day. Here’s the thing though, he doesn’t have any more power to do anything when he wakes up. LOL!!! >


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