It’s summer and there is an abundance of wonderful fruits and vegetables available. They’re like God’s own pharmacy, so full of healing things for your body. My husband came home from Costco (old folks hour) with a carton of peaches, grapes and beautiful black cherries. They taste so wonderful. A farmers market peach vendor told me how to tell when a peach is ready to eat. Put your finger on top near the stem nub and slightly press, if it moves in a bit it’s ready. If it doesn’t, 2 days on the countertop and it should be ready. Sadly some produce are not given a fair shake, and I’m not talking about smoothies. For instance, one of my favorites, the tomato. Why can’t Produce Authorities make a final decision on if it’s a fruit or a vegetable? The poor thing is psychotic with this split personality tag. And how about artichokes, this ones going paranoid with all this choke hold coverage, and a group of lawyers are asking for a politically correct name change and they want that artichoke statue in Monterey taken down. Potatoes really have a big ego, they’re so versatile with chips, mashed, baked, tater totts and french fries. It’s like the other vegetables aren’t even trying. This can cause problems in the produce department. And how about the stigma broccoli is still living with from former President G.H. Bush hating it. How many mothers heard “If the President won’t eat it, I’m not gonna either”. Who knows, maybe Bush had top secret info on broccoli, he did live to be 94. So I hope everyone is enjoying all the vine ripened fantastic summer produce available, we’ll be missing it this winter, I’m sure. ❤️Ro

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