I did a marathon today. Well it was a Netflix marathon. I’m starting to run out of things to watch. This afternoon I watched Groundhog Day with Adam Sandler and realized I was also living it. I started thinking that television is an invention that allows you to be entertained in your living room by people you would never allow in your living room. I actually hate television as much as I hate peanuts, but I can’t stop eating peanuts. I was talking to my friend on the phone today while watching TV. She told me I’m watching too much TV and I should be doing more reading. I told her she was right so I turned on the closed captioning. Multitasking? I think I watch about six hours of TV a day, well seven if there’s something good on. I enjoy our big screen high definition TV, everything looks bigger and wider, kind of like going to your 25th High School Reunion. With my MS, I prefer television to the movie theaters, it’s much closer to the bathroom and I can bring my own popcorn. I love my remote control too, it let’s you discover there’s really nothing worth watching much faster. Let’s face it, if Philo Farnsworth hadn’t invented the TV we would still be eating our frozen Swanson’s dinner in front of the radio. Now that would be boring. Tonight I watched the Home Shopping Channel, which I love, because it’s commercial free and then the Discovery Channel. I actually learned something on there…I need to get a life. ❤️Ro

“Whataya say we turn off the TV, go upstairs, get in bed and turn on our computers”

3 thoughts on “TELEVISION

  1. I remember the day in class when Rebecca said rather proudly: “I never turn on the TV until 6 PM.” I then piped up: “And I never turn on the TV before 6 AM.”


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