When I was 9,10,11, I lived close to a city park in Michigan. In the summer, I would ride my bike there for a relief from the heat. There were lots of big shade trees and a breeze so it was much cooler then our house with no air conditioner. I would hang out at the City Recreation Shack. They had board games and some craft things you could make. Mostly I loved playing checkers and one summer I won the Checker Championship award. Our family never took a vacation when I was young, there just wasn’t the money for that, in fact my first vacation was when I was married in my late 20s. That vacation was to Disneyland, something I had wanted to do since I was a little kid and a faithful member of the Mickey Mouse Club. It was a wonderful experience and every bit as magical as I had hoped for. I remember how fascinating the Haunted House ride was. I think I required 3 rides through that one. Oddly the man who designed that ride now lives a block away from me and has a crazy wonderful Halloween decorated home in October. I’ve had some lovely vacations since that first one but it will always remain one of the special ones. Vacations are wonderful to look forward to especially when you are working in a stressful job. Getting away from that stress is such a relief and time to replenish our energy, physically and emotionally. I think we all need that right now with so many months staying home with this Pandemic. Kids really got cheated out of an important part of their youth. I feel so bad for all the millions of people who had to cancel their vacation plans to get away from it all this summer. I will be happy to just get out of the house this year, Oh please. ❤️Ro

The beach is closed…GO HOME!

What do you mean you’re not booking anything until 2022!!!

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