Cell phones are both a convenience and a curse. We jump to answer every ding or dong it screams at us. People expect an immediate reply or they feel slighted. Too much pressure. I hate it when people text “Call me”. I’m going to start calling them and when they answer I’ll say “Text me”, then hang up. The only thing I can compare a cell phone to would be a women because we love to be held and talked to, but if you push the wrong button you are sure to be disconnected, especially if you try to push the ‘mute’ button. My mind is getting so foggy from isolation I was searching the sofa cushions for my cell phone and then realized I was using the flashlight on my phone. If it was really a smart phone you should just be able to call out…”where are you?” and it would say something like “In your hand” or “second cushion on the right”. If a woman designed it, it would have that feature for sure. The saddest part about cell phones is even though they can bring you closer to the people far away from you, they can also take you away from the person sitting next to you. Take care on that one. ❤️Ro

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