I think a lot of us have grown tired of our ‘Home Restaurant’. I’ve been pretty creative on meals with lots of fresh vegetables but I’m ready to have those veggies served in carrot cake, zucchini bread and pumpkin pie. My husband and I look at each other at about 5:30 pm and ask “What are we putting together for dinner?” Admittedly it’s a lack of motivation from both of us. We are moving about in a fog cloud these days which I use to blame on MS. I think I’ve made every type of soup there is. We both cook but he is often the main chef depending on what creative ingredients are on hand, it’s getting to be a challenge. We’ve put pizza on the back burner for awhile. The last time I ordered one they asked me if I wanted it cut in 4 or 8 pieces. I said 4 because I couldn’t eat 8. Duh I’m craving comfort food now and the diet food is not on the menu this week. The only time I’ll be eating diet food is while I’m waiting for the steak to cook. 😱. ❤️Ro

Creative cooking, using the old noggin.

Stressed spelled backwards is Desserts

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