School days, school days, good old golden rule days. Ha, I wonder how many kids even know what that term means. Needless to say the new educational circumstances have become a source of family chaos. I can understand the parents mixed emotions of letting their brood return to the classroom or keep home schoołing them. Parents are exhausted and kids are bored. When I volunteered with the Big Sisters program my 8 yr old little sister and I met at her school for lunch. There were 31 students in her class room that should have had only 15 desks. How can it be possible to safe distance teach under those circumstances? Impossible! The school districts better start lining up substitute teachers to replace all of the ones who will be on 14 day quarantine. What a mess. I’ve heard some parents say they are finished with home schooling, between their kids trying to call in sick and showing up late to school, they are only teaching ‘anger management’ now, which may not be such a bad thing. So glad our kids are grown and they are the ones doing the homeschooling. ❤️ Ro

The homeschool lunch menu changes as the weeks move on:

Teachers lunch: A dry martini up with an olive and a side of prozac.

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